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Buy Local



Hudson businesses are the heartbeat of our community!

Our local businesses are part of what make Hudson so charming and give our community character, create vibrancy and bring us unique experiences. We invite you to shop, dine and play locally and help support our Hudson community and local economy!

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What are you looking for?

Think Hudson first for shopping, dining and all your service needs!

There are more than 400 local businesses in Hudson waiting to be discovered!


Local businesses make our town a better place. Do your part to help them survive by supporting local!

Use the categories listed to explore specific types of products or services and thank you for supporting local!

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Why Buy Local

Small Businesses employ 40% of the entire US Workforce, so supporting them means supporting our entire country and creating a closer community.

Spending local creates a stronger economy. If you spend $100 locally, 70% of that stays in the local economy.

If you spend $100 at a national corporation, less than 40% is retained in your community.

Shopping local contributes to a cleaner environment, since individual products don't need to be shipped across the state, country, or even world.

Why Buy Local
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